Rossmith Packaging is the industry expert for a wide range of packaging technologies including:

Coextruded Films
• Blown film coextrusions
• Cast film coextrusions

Oriented Film Coextrusion

Laminated Structures
• Extrusion/coextrusion laminations and coatings
• Adhesive laminations
• Solventless adhesive lamination

Rigid Containers
• Thermoforming
• APET, CPET, PP, Paper, PS, HD and Aluminum
• Container design

Materials Technology and Structure Design
• Polyolefins
• Barrier materials
• High respiring materials
• Peelable materials
• Inks and coatings, anti-fog

Packaging Applications
• Food, fresh cut produce, meat, cheese, snacks, cereal and liquid packaging
• Health care, bags and pouches, rollstock
• Industrial, hard-to-hold chemicals
• Pet food packaging

Packaging types
• Bags and pouches, stand up
• Formed packages
• Cups, trays, tubs
• Lidding, for cups and trays